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RÉMIS tomato-kale

SKU: RT84g-1


SUPER nutritious!

Product Description

75% vegetables in each bite, the highest content for a cracker on the market.
Cracker made with certified organic vegetables and seeds from local producers.
Round, with remarkable firmness. RÉMIS is pleasantly taken for your canapes!
Accompany them with the protein of your choice, and go hiking. REMIS cracker is perfect
to support you in your many activities and trips.

-Live food, with an exclusive dehydration process that preserves all the nutrients and vitamins.
– Vegan, free of gluten, grains, nuts, dairy, added sugar, additives, colors, or preservatives.

With RÉMIS it’s easy, simple and nutritious!
The perfect and practical alternative to eat your vegetables differently!

RÉMIS tomato-kale, the original, the very first, saltier with a hint of lemon.

To accompany your humus and your veggie-pâté on a hike.
Includes 16-18 tomato-kale crackers
4 servings of organic vegetables in each bag!
Its recyclable bag has a zipper to lock in freshness after initial opening.
Expiration 1 year


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