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RÉMIS trio tomato-kale, beetroot-apple and carrot-lemon


The regular size includes 16 to 18 RÉMIS tomato-kale, beet-apple and lemon-carrot crackers.

Regular size: 84 g

Reduced price in trio (initial value of $5.99 each bag)

Product Description

RÉMIS Crackers is a balanced healthy snack of raw organic vegetables. True sources of vitamins, they are organic, vegan, gluten-free, cereals, added sugar, nuts, flour, dairy products, additives, colorings or preservatives, which makes them irreplaceable.

They can be eaten at home, at the office, at school (practical in the lunch box), in the car and on a hike. In fact, they are perfect for supporting everyone in their endurance events or during their multiple activities and trips away from home.

The RÉMIS can satisfy its followers quite naturally or be accompanied by a protein or carbohydrate of choice: humus, cheese, veggie-pâté, tapenade, cheese, shrimp, etc.

A simple, easy and nutritious snack. A complete practical alternative to eat your vegetables differently.

An organic product certified by Quebec Vrai.


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